Newborn Session | Redemption Square Studio

They came through the door with the car seat in tow. They looked at each other smiling holding their dearest treasure between them. Their newborn son was perfect. His tiny pink fingers wrapped around his soft blanket, and he slept peacefully unaware of everything going on around him. Sleeping like a baby. No, sleeping like an angel was more appropriate. We all joked about how well he was sleeping now knowing that the coming night would be a different story.

How is it that newborns are always so peaceful when you can’t sleep but become the opposite when you can? It’s how cute they are that makes you forgive everything. You want to treasure every single moment, even when they are loud, because you know they will grow. You can’t protect them forever, but you can protect them now. You hold them when a thousand others things need to be done, because you know this is the only thing that should be done. It is worth it. Zero regrets.

Babies are funny, precious little beings. They have a timeline that is all their own, and you just let them run the show for a little while. When you are this cute, you can get away with anything. They do. ;)

I laughed with Amber and Zach. We almost didn’t get their maternity photos done in time. Days later and it would have been too late. We did them, and they were the stuff dreams are made of. Love, joy, and expectation. It made this newborn shoot all the more special.

Baby David couldn’t have been a better model. He slept the entire time! I’m in love with him already. I know you will be too. I blame him completely if you get baby fever. When you do, bring them to me, so I can enjoy them too. :)