Fresh 48 Session at Ocean Springs Hospital in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

This Fresh 48 session was so sweet. Little Evelyn’s grandmother had texted me when they were on the way to Ocean Springs Hospital and was so excited about her arrival. Let me tell you, this little girl is so very loved.

I texted with her mom Lia that morning and made sure that a late morning session would work well for them. When I arrived at the hospital, the room was so quiet and peaceful. Evelyn was sleeping peacefully in her bassinet. Her mom had just taken a quick nap.

I opened the windows to allow lots of natural light to enter in, and Lia and I chatted about how the birth had went, how Evelyn was sleeping, and how wonderful it was to be a mom.

I captured little details of Evelyn in her bassinet before she started stirring and was ready to be closer to mom again. I love to capture how sweet these moments are, because babies grow up so quickly. Every moment is precious.

Anna Cirlot is a candid portrait photographer on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Her favorite place to do portrait sessions is on Redemption Square Farm, her family owned and operated farm in Gautier, Mississippi. She loves capturing the beauty in life and loves to tell stories through her work. When she isn’t taking photos, she can be found crowded around by goats and chickens in the pasture sipping a fresh brewed cup of coffee watching her children play outdoors.